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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 25, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the unit. i hope. i mean it's friday april twenty fifth year in korea life and soul and mingling. daniel chan thank you for joining us in waters off korea southwestern coast at the side of the silver ferry accident. search operations are now well into its tenth day. not a single survivor has been found since a ferry capsized in moscow wednesday morning. but there is no let up and search efforts for the party's deciding to use the diving bell and decide for the first time earlier this friday. this afternoon for the latest non aligned to our school just on the local harbor the viewer's point of land into the accident site to some. guys it's past ten pm korean time. such operations are ongoing share of run walk despite the strong wind and the chris king stronger by the minute find more female bodies of
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town one high school teams haven't recovered this friday with the deaths of the one and eighty five and reduce the number missing two one hundred and seventeen. divers that this desert on the fourth of the shia were the cat is the most time one has with his brain located. a diving bell. hm or they can be used as a base and transportation of divers underwater path of dr at the axis side is on standby to be deployed. this will help decrease numbered divers and east in search operations and would enable didn't stay underwater for up to an hour without interruption. we'll have more details and assets in related news cast describing the plentiful manpower and equipment is becoming tougher to the current price compared to previous days one because of the chron getting stronger again. and two because of the obstacles within the ferry lake broken furniture and the cargo beside the fact that the non divers not have expanded certain areas of the site of the ferry which is not to the bottom of deceit. after
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lifting the ferry five trains on standby. the search operation will go on as parents of the missing have requested that the ferry not been lifted out of water until everybody's be covered the juice out of my understanding is that search efforts are about to fall and demons by those parents who are still emotionally anxiously we have the port there. i can. this all of that phrase one request of angry and desperate parents should distrust and plane to go into the third of the staffers to find the bodies of their children can sit down with a mixer a minister and a chief commissioner of the coast guard thursday overnight for seven hours making the request heard was a billings eyes were brought back into operation as a parent have requested. also after a panel of the guides were mis identified some transported back in forests and went and signed off for
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having stated in a batch of tests and prayers are notified of the result within twenty four hours the supplies recovered and drop back on shore. until rice is also providing milk or helicopters for trent's frustrated bodies at the family's request. so friends also that the bars to win a search operations at the aside this friday. this has been thrown to the reporting live from pendleton harper in single to be a question snow at the back of everyone's minds school when wide to authorities are broadening their investigation into what happened on the diva skill of a ferry capsized. who was responsible for this man made disaster. for more details we are not going to live in the studio why are you yet me and our holly says in the station coming along the evening guys and advisory panel of thirteen experts has been set up to find out the exact cause of plants and then be helping her very first meeting this afternoon. the paddling the professor said maritime special ed and experts from the shipping industry and they will attempt to
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reconstruct back today and using a markup of the ferry the simulation will take into consideration that the occurrence of the weight of the cargo this enough the ferry and its condition at that time of the accident till the end of the team of investigators are the team breaks here and now looking into a sister fairy of a disco hella to look into the park includes four widely seen as trent prosecutors are looking to go home on a healthier meal which is also owned by the operator of this of a fairy. though the novel is almost identical to the snow in size and follows the same route. now i have a history of seeing it and didn't feel like going around in the past few years. but what the cause of the anthem and we are learning that this hellish very few have been utterly unprepared for any sort of disaster by leaking out the whole home on a whole after reading though i'm on the whole prosecutors today and covered some disturbing facts internet crackdown of the soul investigators found out that forty of the life
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raft did not work there just jammed in place and investigators have to take it several times to make that the drop into the sea the emergency slides and salt. also did not operate properly. other results there was no equipment to tie down hard and although there was a whitman for tying down and he nursed it malfunctioned. it's not a stretch to say according to investigators that the story would have been much the same for those who ferry. it is a shoe huge huge machine and so many things could go wrong and most of them did go wrong the lafayette captain in the crewmembers of torah ferried most of them are these two criminals are just right. the trial of a gnostic room and have already been charged with negligent homicide while violating their time off of the remaining four are under investigation as suspects. it seems likely that all fifteen rescued from and will be charged with criminal charges within the next few days. now the investigation is also looking into the ferries are a reader asked well if that x
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man is facing accusations that i love it it's way out of mandatory safety check ups for its vessels. but the crackdown we are learning that the practical owner of the snow the ferry operator you don't mind stands accused of embezzlement and cnn family on at least the week the perth company has investigators say these companies were used to facilitate deal among the ferry operators affiliates possibly when they use the provided kickbacks and other irregularities the parade was held up very tactile minted marine company and its affiliates were also thought to only fifteen overseas branches with every quarter we had over nine million us dollars that's now that nine million dollars or more after losses in its account. well i am sure we will find out more on the investigation results in them days and weeks to comment. i'm sure all eyes were focused on the results into me and for that the higher the death toll get
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the fewer number of teen least there are. there are and auditorium in team built for the past ten days in june it said dennis to the families of those missing the ferry disaster had been camping out in this auditorium at nearby key accident sites are cunningly has been there or covering their story for the past few days and she joins us live a cunning tell us what the atmosphere is like her now. de linking an hour earlier on this friday evening there was a freaking house by officials from the coast guard and needy and try to rescue divers from those directly involved in the search and recovery process. now the briefing was held in their words to clarify some misunderstandings. now we prefer to reboot the trend of the sunken ferry each official explained to the teachers family members here. it's a new auditorium at the redeemed are pests retrieved all of those still unaccounted for. most divers are apparently only getting about two to three hours of sleep each night as he worked
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around the clock. officials explained in t t l bates areas of the ship they had entered into these areas at the cps get to explore. after some arguments from a satisfied feeling members though. the grief and did end up lots of family members eighteen diapers for their work. now this sort of clarification from star treks as search and rescue officials. d after family members here exploded in anger. around this time the last night the family members stormed out of the chin and onto a plastic pool calm harbor to confront search officials there. now i see her from our chief un report or earlier if there was a bit of a protest between family members and church officials have family members were angry that surge operations were slow and accused officials of not being transparent about their search procedures. reporting live from the team derogatory and this has been kindly. i
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owe. aye aye. i go. i was the game it's a grind the altar and i'm son was busy all night long in a style that again on this friday with visitors from all walks of life lining up to twenty four hours in prayer the portraits of the young people who so tragically lost their lives in this terrible disaster. so we can apply the ninety gm who is standing by outside the memorial hall she on. a guy says it's dark out here as the night
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progresses but there's still a lot of people heading into the memorial one in sixty three thousand people pay their respects hearing on science. so fox and talk to some of them earlier today who the terrorists dino warm place. my main fear is stealing their fairy. i acc in the group is very skinny and seven when i got the kids does a lot of people have come here. i think could be employed to kosovo to the other side. reduce my own to face. i'm sure there are many more of us would like to go and pay a visit to those who perished in this tragic accident. no wait longer look for and those of you who are planning to commit genocide he came to me anytime. it's open twenty four hours a day and will be open throughout the weekend another group them or not to eat it in the southwestern city of will pull closer to
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the accident friday and the memorial it is not just limited to korea. overseas industry via a memorial alto will be set up starting monday and told me that can at the western freedom park from ten am to five pm local time. also for those who live too far away and can make it to any of the sites but want to see your last good bye you can dictate our on line alto for the defeat high school students and teachers with l one hundred seven thousand people have already said that condolences there i'm team down reporting live from the onsen on the cake memorial hall. no more than a week as it passes the silver ferry capsized and still many students who have survived the disaster continue to face trouble suffering from insomnia and emotional instability. will report least it is are hoping to get back to class much like their schoolmates who returned to the time of high school yesterday. but it seems like first you will have to need
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some time to send off their fellow classmates and of course see their last goodbyes are cutting contests more it hasn't been easy for the student survivor hospitalized and corinne embrace the einstein hospital and there is still recovering from the aftershock of the tragic tale of a ferry accident. however most of the students are hoping to go back to their classes after hearing news that country school reopen for class thursday. this according to the director of katrina briefing on from hospital during a press briefing friday. this is where all but one of the seventy five pound high school students are recovering. unfortunately things are not expected to be released anytime soon at the hostel stated that most of them are still suffering from insomnia anxiety the hospital plans to release all the students at the same time to further support their mental agony earlier this week the hospital has said that one out of four students are not sleeping well and about twenty percent of any
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psychological therapy fast recovery for gifted and seems to be the utmost priority right now at the county provincial office of education has requested immediate refrain from interviewing the students also the green every downtown hospital had a recently restricted hospital i students from going to the immoral all turned to express their condolences exciting that would slow down in the recovery process however the hospital is considering whether to arrange a date when they can all go together it to say to alaska by. the seventy fourth on high school students currently hospitalized are expected to visit in the moral culture. i'm totally beat them or l hall after they are beliefs. honey can i can use einstein the road. it generally means the leaders of korea in the diocese held talks things going on this friday from north korea's nuclear threats
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to the territorial and historical differences among than other countries in the region was in taiping and drop the bomb i think that one old friend and i were discussing key issues. jason reports. it should be done with papa metered that we added us remember to take them last week only and a ferry sinking in less than three hundred dollars film that thing. the father of two teenage daughters can help my friend pete. for those who lost their lives in the continuity of the estimated that about four new protest president obama that day along with the international community would not accept or provocation by accounting and there will be dire consequences. to tell them he knew would go back to you cecil it will then be reunited. how will she confirm the couple. can he
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give credit to do his job and you don't hear from you weaning am hoping to me and who endured a little boy said it's common to study each day in june but really he couldn't eat eat his whole milk and an ideal handsome guy. the display and then shared determination to stop the killing as provocations but then obama will visit the countries combined forces command headquarters is highly on saturday. it will be the first time the leaders of south korea and the united states. this is the venue together. i found that the curator to weaken the viewer to later washington wartime operational control traffic how in twenty fifty. however historical claim in asia pacific. the us president said his country does not have to take it that the claim. you can see that after he was walking in the form of the high until guilt over it. i let it be
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that with a swing to understand what kind of dough into eight minutes when the end of the event had enough. it must be accurate and clear account of what happened but that involved parties. look into the future i also think that. it is in the interests of both japan and. the korean people. two of florida's was back in sch and to find ways in which the heartache and pain of the past can be resolved to cure him. charles howell washington i'd be likely to return to korea and i will feel if that were lost during the korean war i mean. and with speculation building about a possible fourth nuclear test back and hang it from north korea news paper in japan has condemned the suffering even mentioning the possibility. well ironically debt that can be a sign that another new protests is actually in
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the works. i can't explain this. it also symbol cool north korean newspaper based in japan to south korea thursday of spreading false rumors about the possibility of a fourth north korean nuclear test. the editorial claims so was raised speculation about a test to divert attention away from the seller of all ferry tragedy. calling it a major insult to the north. such comments are nothing new they did indicate that tongue down is actually gearing up for another test four days before tongue as third nuclear test last year the north korean regime and then solon was in a similar fashion. just as they did in two thousand on it for a second one. it is possible and not create is playing psychological games with the side door with keeping a close eye on the north because they could conduct another nuclear test. some north korean experts believe is unlikely that condo will conduct the fourth nuclear test in the coming days or
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weeks. as recent events don't bother complete patterns seen in the past. the regime typically losses intercontinental ballistic missiles rockets pride to nuclear test which hasn't happened. but the korean government says is a prayer for good possibility with the numbers significant events taking place in the coming days including us president barack obama presence in the region and the anniversary of the establishment of the north korean people's army. two men. then it is the first quarter numbers were done doing her part in the end it was a mixed bag of sorts however analysts say the outlook for korea's largest automaker could be right or the second quarter especially with new models being released soon. so what has the details korea's top automaker hyundai motor is first quarter earnings showed mixed results but the outlook for the second fighter is generally positive the company's operating profit rose three point seven
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percent in the january to march period compared to the same period last year to around one point eight billion us dollars with sales rising one point nine percent to roughly twenty billion dollars. however net profit dropped two point nine percent on year. analysts say the first water earnings fell short of expectations because of a number of factories including the strong local currency and the rise in sales expenses due to a reduction in old models. but experts say there is no need to marry. although earnings aren't expected to pick up that much in the short term and new line of models set for release should provide a boost to their forecasts that its new genesis nazri said that in the seventh generation sum that up will help boost sales in the coming months. analysts say typing this and then start shifting more vehicles in the second water. he also forecast exports to rise by nearly seven percent which could push production that
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time get past the five million car march this year for the first time ever. it's a lot. i didn't use. andrea and consumer sentiment remains strong this month as the economy continues its moderate pace of recovery the bank of korea says nation's consumer sentiment index came in at one o wait for the pool unchanged from the previous month. bmx is an indicator of consumers' outlook on the economy living conditions and future spending. with a reading above one hundred meeting optimists outnumber pessimists. the central bank said the figure could dip next month because of the ferry disaster. it's right next to check on stories making headlines in the gold ring to it that the team at crisis in ukraine to her rising concerns of cyber attacks in the us let's go live to our polity at the new center table first let's start with the ukraine the united states and russia in the last in a war of words over the crisis in ukraine in
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appearance. washington has launched the latest volley of allegations. that's right daniel the us secretary of state john kerry has said in no uncertain terms that moscow is behind the escalating conflict in ukraine. in a press briefing on thursday carry accuse russia of stoking the very instability that it says it wants to extinguish. kerry said instead of upholding its end of a deal reached in geneva last week. russia has taken steps distract deceived and destabilize a region by funding according to separate its movement. kiev the us was drawing close to imposing more sanctions on russia on the seat backs down immediately. meanwhile deadly clashes erupted on the ground in eastern ukraine with as many as five a russian rebels reportedly killed by government forces. in response moscow has launched new military drills along their shared border. and train down to the middle east israel has suspended us moderated he starts one day after toll's science mahmoud abbas government agreed to re
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unite with its rival hamas an official statement by israel city will not hold negotiations with the government backed by a quote terror organization that calls for israel's destruction. israel the us and eu regard hamas as a group in harper's near daily attacks it is aimed at israel in the gaza strip. this past monday a surprise unity pact was reached between the dominant fatah faction and the islamist hamas group the first move of its kind in years. and moving on to the united states were top government officials are growing increasingly concerned of cyber attacks targeting the airline industry. according to magazine foreign policy american security and intelligence agencies are working with caroline manufacturers to help defend against hackers that could disrupt computer systems on modern planes. bigger men had planned to rolled out what it called an ex jane air traffic control system over the next decade to make air travel more efficient and less
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expensive. however potential security flaws were discovered in the system due to its reliance on gps technology. the rocks overlooking international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here next week. i knew. i have. chee don't hire car is picking up all efforts must be pruned to rescue operations while they're still manageable. for more details on the weather conditions are kindled and joins us here in this duty of all get out with the elitists of the guys from the bottom of the news that strong winds and rain is forecast that for tomorrow at the moment this ability has opened up to about fifteen km while wind
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is blowing and have found one point nine meters per second and lows believes that its main fairly gentle and zero point four meters. parents these books probably did tonight at eleven ten pm there will be to read more slow dance tomorrow at five forty four am. lovell five pm and six twenty one pm however tidal currents its speed up to over two meters per second over the weekend whether one no longer be favorable as strong winds are forecast to blow and a maximum grade of fourteen meters per second with leaves at two point five meters. our friend in asia and dry weather advisories continued to gain it back so please be on the watch out for forest fires. otherwise other reasons may get showers on sunday. that's all for now and i'll be back with the latest after midnight and for that and those are the stars are falling and this our iman and sell them to know chad thank you for
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watching stay tuned for the leaders on the ongoing saga during rescue operations or find us online indicted on like you are. for more we'll see you next time. i do the cheese. a. sixty one john kennedy. costly. or to laos. if i so want to help
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